Spend less time cooking and more time with family!


Christmas should be spent with family!


Every year we spend hours shopping, chopping and cooking to make our Christmas lunch or dinner special! The LaManna family have a passion for great quality food, but more importantly sharing quality time with family over Christmas. This year we're making Christmas easy with less preparation and more time spent with loved ones, whilst still sharing a delicious and memorable meal!



From delicious polenta and arancini, to crumbed halloumi and schnitzels, there's something for everyone in the crumb bar! Visit our deli and choose from the delicious range of prepped crumb items, ready to fry and save precious time with family and friends!




It's not an Aussie Christmas without delicious seasonal fruit to follow the grand feast! But after hours or prepping entrees and mains who wants to be chopping up fruit into perfect presentable portions? We have you covered with a range of fruit platters pre-cut and ready to serve!




Salads are a major prep item during Christmas, taking up so much time to wash, peel and chop all components! During an already busy time, why not focus on the more important dishes and spending time with everyone? We have a great range of ready to eat salads, simply tip them into your favourite serving bowl and you're ready to feast!





A delicious Lasagne is staple in any Italian Family Feast, especially at Christmas time! With our handmade lasagne ready to pop straight in the oven, it's an easy filler to have cooking whilst you prep more important things. Also great to have in the fridge ready for boxing day, when there is no energy for cooking and need something easy and filling.