Josh & Sue Old Fashioned Tomato Relish | 260g

Old Fashioned Tomato Relish won a Silver medal at the Australian Food Awards 2017. Not only is it delicious it is the best selling Relish. Serve with hot and cold meats, on fritters, or simply with your favourite cracker. Or be like Josh&Sue add it to everything! You can mix tomato relish into your meatloaf, meatball or hamburger recipe. Replace the tomatoes on your sandwich with tomato relish. Skip the cranberry sauce and serve a fresh tomato relish with roast turkey or ham sandwiches. Use as a pizza sauce each with cheese and crackers. ​Gluten-Free and Vegan, all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or fillers. Made in Daylesford to Josh & Sue's family recipes.
Brand: Josh & Sue
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