Basketcase Gourmet Korean Coating Mix | 250g

A savoury gluten free coating mix that is super easy to use and is a healthier (and easier) alternative to crispy deep fried chicken if cooked in the oven or air fried. This combination of different gluten free flours, and of course our own secret herbs and spices make this yummy and popular product. Dip 1kg of chicken pieces into 1 beaten egg white or buttermilk, then toss in around 75g of the coating mix - this part depends on how big your chicken pieces are! You will work it out .... Bake in a hot oven (or of course you can still deep fry) until the chicken is cooked and crispy, turning once . Toss in a bowl with a dash of our Korean Glaze until all the pieces are coated, garnish with chopped spring onions, chives or sesame seeds to garnish.
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