Gevity RX Tummy Turmeric Mayo Bone Broth Sauce | 375ml

It's mayo, but with a mature makeover! Total Tummy Turmeric Mayo is a fun and seriously delicious way to infuse the most well regarded longevity enhancing ingredients into any meal. Not only is it made with Organic EVOO, Organic Psyllium Husk and Organic ACV, it's packed with prebiotic fibre to feed your good gut bugs ANDD supercharged with anti-inflammatory turmeric. Every 2 tablespoons of sauce contain a serve of Body Glue™ making it easier than ever to get the benefits of the World's Most Nutrient Dense Bone Broth! But what you won't find in our sauces is just as important! Total Tummy Turmeric contains no egg, gluten, dairy, soy or inflammatory veg and seed oils, and is completely additive and preservative free! GUARANTEED! Total Tummy Turmeric makes adult eating fun again!
Brand: Gevity RX
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