Thursday, 9 April 2020

Celebrating Easter at LaManna for 2020 

Dear Customers,

It has been an absolute journey so far for all of us in 2020, with Easter now fast approaching and with all the restrictions we have had to make to continue to protect all of our staff, customers and community members while still remaining to be open to operate as an essential business. It has definitely been a challenging time.

Whether some of us are celebrating Easter only with our households or celebrating online via video chat with family and friends, we have lots of Easter chocolate and baked goodies at LaManna for you and your loved ones to still enjoy no matter where or how you are celebrating it this year.

Some of our most loved Easter goodies include, but is not limited to:

  • Lindt Easter Casket Gold Bunny & Eggs 130g – was $15, now $9
  • Lindt Easter Collection 230gm Box – was $20, now $9
  • Lindt Easter Casket Gold Bunny & Egg Milk Chocolate 240g – was $24, now $17 
  • Moo Free 160gm Egg (Dark & Milk Chocolate) – was $16, now $10

We also have a range of our delicious Colomba Easter cakes available in many assorted varieties in store, if you have some time doing your essential shopping this weekend – make sure you come in and say hello! We will be closed on Friday 10th and Sunday 12th April, but will be open for a new week starting Monday 13th from 10am.


Good Friday Appeal – Royal Children’s Hospital

LaManna brings our teams, customers and community members together as one big family to gather donations in our store with the same goal in mind. 2020 is a special year for all of us, because regardless of the current challenges the world is faced with, we have still managed to raise money that shows the synergies in our vision that we share as a community.

We can proudly say that even under these challenging circumstances, we have managed to help raise not only money but also awareness of the Good Friday Appeal and we are proud that we can pledge $25,416.42 to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

At a time where we might feel uncertain of our future, we have managed to still help the little lives of our future and we are so proud to be involved with full support of our loving community. Thank you to all of our staff and customers for being able to show us that together we will get through anything, as long as we remain united and continue to look out for each other.

Challenge - Supporting Kids With Cancer (Hamper Support)

LaManna has been working very closely with many charities for years, just like Challenge - Supporting Kids With Cancer, where we together are proudly operating as a synced support system to secure our little Australian futures. We work with Challenge together, to help inspire and create hope within our communities with the aim to help support those who are in need, especially during a time where we are faced with a global pandemic.

We are so honored to be working with the Challenge family who are committed in supporting many families around Australia with donations of goods. They have helped many families, even more recently by creating hampers for those who can’t leave there homes due to the Coronavirus because of the restrictions in place. This makes it more difficult for these families to gain access to essential goods during a time like Easter. We will continue to support Challenge - Supporting Kids With Cancer - with their efforts. From our families… to yours, we wish everyone a happy and safe Easter for 2020.

Thank you,
The LaManna Family